South Lake Tahoe, Ca
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Quic Chakidn

Quichy in the Mid 1930s docked

This was the original boatyard who built the Quichy
  Picture is from the late 1880's They operated until 1970 at the same San Francisco location

Restoration & preservation has been ongoing since day one. Here are the major accomplishments we have completed in the past few yrs.
  • 38 ft Quic Chakidn refloated into Boathouse after 45 yrs "Drydocked"
  • Paint stripped on majority of hull and decks-Quic Chakidn
  • Interior cleaned and all debris removed
  • Hall Scott main engine removed- Universal Generator engine removed
  • Hall Scott engine cleaned repainted and partially reassembled on stand
  • Galley stripped and repainted- Stocked with dishes & silverware
  • Electrical system engerized in main cabin- Interior lights functioning
  • Carpets curtains tables chairs setup in main salon and on back deck
  • All sirens lights etc  removed cleaned & polished and now on display
  • Life boat from the Steamer Tahoe donated & on display built in 1889
  • 4 small Antique boats donated and on display 3 fishing one race boat
  • 16ft small wooden Speedboat donated & on display- Fallen Leaf Lake
  • Collection of outboard motors cleaned painted & partially restored
  • Fairbanks Morse 1 cyl winch engine cleaned serviced and functioning
  • Website functional &  digital archiving of all photos and documents
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