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Welcome to the home of Tahoe Classic Yacht. We will be presenting some news and interesting stories about some of the larger yachts in and around South Lake Tahoe that are restored or currently undergoing restoration . Please review the pages on the left to learn more about the vessels. There is a rich and diverse maritime history associated with many of the early boats of this high alpine lake. We will be showcasing a few of the unique vessels and always adding content and new information. Please see our Guestbook  section if you would like to participate in her restoration or make a tax deductible donation.

Presently working on the Featured Yacht -The Quic Chakidn a 1921 38 ft Kneass built motor cruiser built in San Francisco
Originally order and commissioned by the Walter Scott Hobart Jr family and  housed in a custom boathouse in Sand Harbor NV and at Obexers marina on the west shore. The Hobart's were "The"early Timber Barons of Tahoe's North and East shore and famous for supplying Virginia City and the silver mines with timber and  valuable water via Marlette lake. Square set timber  for shoring up the mine tunnels was delivered by means of a very unique funicular railway that Incline Village NV and the flume trail is named after. Please see http://parks.nv.gov/ltbc.htm for more info about Marlette lake and the Hobart backcountry

Some of the Hobart Estate land was eventually sold off in Sand harbor and now is named Lake Tahoe-Nevada State park .The famous Thunderbird lodge of George Whitell's  and the state park land were all once originally Hobart land holdings.
Please see http://www.thunderbirdlodge.org/ for more info on the fabulous estate and the Thunderbird itself.

 The Quic Chakidn now resides in the boathouse on the Pope & Valhalla estate while the restoration work begins- It had been over 45 yrs since she was last in the water until refloated and brought into her present home. Railroad tracks and a large turn of the century one cylinder make or break Fairbanks Morse Z winch moitor provided the means to get her into position
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