South Lake Tahoe, Ca
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The Quichy is famous for towing the 198ft Steamer Tahoe to Glenbrook Bay and scuttling her for the Bliss Family. The SS Tahoe was scheduled to be cut up for scrap metal.

Original Tahoe poster when the "Q" ran as a tour boat from Youngs Bijou to Emerald Bay- Many early vistors got their first ride on the lake aboard this vessel. 38ft long built 1921 Powered by a original Hall Scott HSR 6A gas marine motor


Visitors are increasingly asking "what else is there to do besides gambling in Tahoe"
        Our exhibit and weekly open houses offer a unique look into Tahoe's past. At the beginning of the century  waterborne transportation was the key to travel before roads and infrastructure were completed. Children and  older visitors alike are often unaware of a time when there were limited roads,  only occasional electricity and a phone was certainly a luxury. They soon  begin to realize that transportation on the water was a vital necessity to reach many of the summer homes .
National and international  virtual visitors can also be impacted by a visit to our website. By keeping up with the latest developments we may touch enough visitors that spark interest in our area and lead to future  travel to our wonderful lake.


Since we are already underway with this restoration and exhibits we are presenting ideas via this forum for some of the more immediate goals.  Contributions would primarily be used to expand the infrastructure &  give a  boost to the project. We  also seek to fund future subprojects that could not even be considered for the lack of present funding. This restoration could have been done in private , behind closed doors and  rarely shown to the public. This was the case before the vessel and artifacts were donated. The vessel was covered up, locked away and the hardware boxed up in a shed for 45 years. We have the opportunity to showcase this rare piece of history and properly document the work involved.  Permanent  digital records will be made of all information that is available. We have the opportunity to educate and involve more of the public through the use of  20th century technology. While the basic restoration work will be similar to the methods used to construct her the information and history can be preserved utilizing high tech media. Most of the old papers have been discarded , photos are faded and memories have lapsed but this piece of history can be reborn again physically while being properly documented virtually.

          Our basic goals havent change-The plan is:

  • Record and document all historical records    Photos-Books-Records-Oral history -Video

  • Fill the boathouse with interesting marine exhibits - Outboard engines-Small Craft-Fishing equipt

  • Restore our boats as time and monies allow -Several stages of restoration allways going on

  • Host educational & informational seminars- Onsite open houses-Special events-Guest Speakers

  • Allow access for guests to see the historical aspects

  • Provide a Historical alternative to Tahoe visitors

  • # 1 goal will allways be to Preserve & Protect the artifacts- Protect the materials & displays from the ravages of sunlight time and the harsh Tahoe weather by the use of indoor displays


With our donors contributions we can take this little known historic project and utilizing modern technology reach a wider audience and collect better data. The historic significance will always be preserved in the old fashion techniques, but there is a opportunity to use modern methods and equipment to better collect preserve and disseminate this history for generations to come.

Our first order of business has been to expand the cataloging and documentation. Any pertinent
photos and descriptions need to be recorded and archived. The boats doner has many photos that need copying .By digitizing these we can extend the life of these images. There are ticket stubs and posters from the early commercial tourboat days that would lend themselves well to duplication. A videotape was produced that displays the first launching after 45 years and shows the immense effort involved. This can be the base for a video documentary possibly produced by the college or our cable TV community access group. We already have received the Coast Guards records on this vessel and the National Archives have provided us with documents dating back to the early 1920's.
We have begun the website as you can see and will post a schedule of events and digital photos of our progress .With the background info and history started we can raise interest in the community hopefully expanding our base of volunteers. After these first few items are implemented  we can more fully concentrate on the educational and historic aspects. Our tours and seminars can be expanded after our volunteer staff is increased and support materials begin to be published. After these initial efforts are begun it will be easier for other interested groups to join our efforts. With the use of the website  we can expose our efforts to a broader range of the public.
Since this is truly a California vessel there may be members of the general public that have  specific  knowledge or contact relating to this historic vessel. Remember she was built in San Francisco , utilized a Hall Scott engine from Oakland was transported by rail to Tahoe City and had separate boathouses on the East -West and now South shores of  Lake Tahoe. She now rests comfortably at South Lake Tahoe in a boat house near the famous Pope and Baldwin estates.

For more info email us at captjeff@tahoeclassicyacht.org  or 
phone my office 530 544 2307  Thanks Capt Jeff

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