South Lake Tahoe, Ca
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As you can see we have an ideal location upon the Pope & Vahalla estates managed by the US Forest Service. Our boathouse is built in the 1930's with  heavy local dimensional timbers and has two sets of railroad tracks leading into the lake. For more info and a map to the site please see  http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/ltbmu/recreation/tallac/

The boathouse is the physical location where the resoration work is being done .Thru the many open houses and special events we host visitors and educational events.All the while the real  physical restoration work continues. If our financial resources are limited we may miss the opportunity to interact with the public and perhaps miss an
important contact with an expert in a related field or  possibly a previous passenger with additional photos. The restoration has already begun but it is paramount we have the funds and support that will allow us to do the best and most accurate restoration possible.

The cataloging of the  majority of the photos may be an ongoing process because we are allways uncovering items of interest that members of the community are so generous in donating copies . The seminars  we put on and educational exhibits can only be produced as the necessary funding allows.


Our success ultimately will be the complete restoration of  this vessel. Progress can be measured during the various stages of work. We have begun work on the hull and after each work session progress can be  physically seen. The  dissasembly of different subsystems has begun and will be completed  according to their appropriate timeline as they relate to the total project. The videotaping that has begun and the photo archives already in place are testaments to the progress of our volunteers. Our website will contain a counter to record visitor activity. A project of this type can continue on for many years and we are seeking donations to be used as seed money to help push the project in the correct direction. We offer closer physical inspections of our progress for any interested doners or participants. With the use of
technology we will be able to show interested parties real  progress from the comfort of their home or office.
         Public Impact

Local residents and visitors alike will be impacted by their visit to our exhibit. Most people are unaware of the excellent job the U.S.F.S. and its partners have done restoring , preserving and maintaining the Pope And Valhalla estates. Since this vessel resides in the boathouse on this property she can  be included more often in the variety of activities that are conducted each summer at the site.

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